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If you enjoy American Folk Music, American History, and the exploration of both, you're at the right place!

My name is Roy Justice and I am a singing historian. I present programs on different aspects and topics of American History, combining music of the time period with the historical landscape within which the music was a part. Please, take some time to read through some of the pages on my site, and listen to sound clips from my CD projects.  Feel free to post a comment to me about your impressions of the site and the music projects. You can post a comment on the "Contact" page.

I have four CD projects available for sale with more to come in the future. You can find these CDs and listen to samples on the "Music" page in the Table of Contents.

Christmas Traditions in America - A 2-CD set of 2 1/2 hours of a fresh, yet traditional approach to the telling of the stories and the singing of the music of America's Christmas songs and traditions.

Down Canal on the Lehigh - a collection of 19th Century Canal songs, some Americana folk songs, and some originals.

Of Canals and Coal - more fun with 19th Century Canal and Coal songs, including 16 Tons and the Cat Came Back.

Patriotic Songs and Their Stories - a CD of 14 of our most Patriotic Songs, including a 5 song tribute to our Armed Forces.  

Please contact me with any questions that you may have and enjoy looking around the website!

Roy Justice - Singing Historian



If you are interested in having me present an entertaining, interesting and educational program to your group or gathering on different aspects and topics of American History, here is a list of program topics. You can listen to an Audio Explanation of how I go about presenting my programs by going to the "Program Audio Sample" page.

Music and Historytelling!

Songs included in the programs below are chosen for their relevance to the subject and are generally well-known. All of the programs include audience participation and are approximately 45-60 minutes in length.

Patriotic Songs and Their Stories: an overview of the impact of music upon American History. From Yankee Doodle through God Bless America!

Great Things about the Great Depression: An exploration of the music and times of the 1920s and 1930s. Through those hard times some great things arose! From “Brother, can you spare a dime?” to “The Good Ship Lollipop”!

Springtime In Paris: Songs of spring from America and the history of the ongoing friendship between France and the Colonies, through present day! From The Marquis de Lafayette through the latest addition to the Eiffel Tower!!

The Irish in America: The history of the early Irish immigrants through their influence and accomplishments in the 21st century! Great music!

American Folk Tales and Legends: Paul Bunyan to Annie Oakley ~ the stories, and the stories behind the stories!

The Songs of Stephen Foster: The songs and times of a great American songwriter. Considered The Father of American Folk Music! Why he wrote the songs we still sing today!

19th Century America: Covering the time period from late Revolutionary years through 1900 (depending upon requested emphasis and time allowed for program.). History mixed with humor!

Women in American History: Women’s contribution to the development and character of our nation, generally, and specifically! From Pocahontas to Annie Oakley!

The History of Australia: How the History of America is connected to The Land Down Under with her great Irish-influenced musical heritage!

Bible Storytelling: Determined by the audience age, theme of event, and liturgical time of year. No set grouping for these programs. Stories are chosen from Old and New Testaments (Noah, Jonah, David, the Parables of Jesus, Letters of the Apostles, etc.).

Histories of Popular Hymns: A variety of well-known hymns, presented first with their stories, followed by the singing of the hymns.

Our Favorite Nursery Rhymes and Story Songs: Poems, stories and songs we need to remember from days gone by. (Great Memory Markers for Seniors but great for kids who haven’t heard them…yet!)

Also: Songs and Circumstances of the American Civil War, Christmas Songs and Traditions (sing-a-long can be sacred or secular),Thanksgiving in America, The Lehigh Coal and Navigation System – Life on the canal in the northeast, Songs of Appalachia, and The Songs of Sailors and Pirates.

Program fees determined by group size, type of event, time of year and distance to event.

A little mystery, a little history, and a lot of fun!


Roy Justice sings "John Henry'.

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