Thoughts About Abraham Lincoln

The more I study Abe Lincoln the more I am astounded/humbled/inspired by the timing of his appearance and rise to Presidency during an era when this country was being torn apart.

 Our 16th President, at 6'4" tall, he was/remains our…


American Flags on the Moon!

American Flags on the Moon! Today is Flag Day. Established on June 14th, 1877, this is a day set aside to honor our American flag. Do you know how many American Flags there are on the Moon? I knew that…


Excerpts from Patriotic Songs and Their Stories Booklet

Here is an excerpt from the booklet about the origins of the song Yankee Doodle: The original lyrics of the song were written in the mid-1750's during the French and Indian War (also known as The Seven Years War, and…