American Flags on the Moon!

American Flags on the Moon! Today is Flag Day. Established on June 14th, 1877, this is a day set aside to honor our American flag. Do you know how many American Flags there are on the Moon? I knew that there was at least one American Flag planted on the Moon (from the pictures of the Apollo 11 landing site), but, I didn't know that there were/are 5 other American Flags, as well - one for each of the Moon landings from the Apollo Missions, 12, 14, 15, 16, and 17. However, due to the extreme temperature changes and unfiltered UV radiation, if the flags haven't disintegrated, they would probably be nothing but bleached nylon remnants, at this point. Googling 'American Flags on the Moon' will turn up allot of interesting information regarding the speculation of the flag's current conditions. To find out how to properly display your flag (because there ARE guidelines!), type 'flag etiquette' into your search engine. Blessings!