Roy Justice - Singing Historian

Of Canals and Coal

by Roy Justice

Straight-forward American Folk Music, mostly 19th Century 'slice of life songs' with a few fun surprises, sung in a rich baritone, accompanied with a 12 string acoustic guitar.
If you appreciate unique American Folk Music, you will enjoy these songs! The Canal Era, and the years throughout the 1800's, gave rise to some of the most endearing music and interesting and significant historical events that our great Nation has produced and experienced! Music (and the arts) reflected the breadth and character of American Culture and I hope that you enjoy my efforts to perpetuate this special legacy. I'm just beginning to explore the vast 'library' of material that is available to us, so please, return every once in a while to see what else is new! Listen, enjoy, and then, if you like what you're hearing, won't you please consider purchasing a CD to share with your family and friends?
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