Roy Justice - Singing Historian

Down Canal On the Lehigh

by Roy Justice

Folk-style, 19th Century canal era songs, recorded on location along and around the restored canal section in Hugh Moore Park, Easton, PA. Baritone voice with 12 string Martin guitar.
This CD is a varied collection of 11 songs that include 19th Century canal and popular songs of that time, as well as a few originals. Along with this grouping is the humorous "I'm My Own Grandpa!" c1946, EMI-Colgems, D. Latham, M. Jafee! These songs were recorded live at different sites along the Lehigh Canal, during thunderstorms, inside the hull of the canal boat, etc., so, if you hear some odd sounds in the background- well...they're supposed to be there! - See more at:
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